Jamie Kreher

Current Work


Feelings of anxiety about the sustainability of our suburban landscape mingled with a love of the mass-produced geometric forms found within this setting fuel my investigations. I drive through the car-oriented built environment foraging for structures that are overlooked, ordinary, outdated and unused. Then, I re-imagine these structures in order that they evoke something rooted in and yet beyond themselves. To achieve these ends, I utilize attributes associated with mass production such as repetition and homogeneity to create serial imagery, patterns and formations.

As I engage issues associated with abstraction and representation my ambition is that these composite pictures transform elements from the everyday into something worthy of contemplation. To realize this goal, I create visually dynamic images that will hopefully induce a subjective experience of visual pleasure in the viewer. At the same time, I want my work to convey a celebration of repetition and banality while acknowledging a tension rooted in the negative impact the car-oriented environment may have on our lives.